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In July 2016, the government reported 370 new white collar crime prosecutions. While this blog will not attempt to track each and every prosecution, we will bring you critical updates, essential holdings, and tips for practitioners. Drawing on my experience as a criminal prosecutor and now as private defense counsel with a thriving white-collar practice, our focus will be directed toward white collar criminal prosecutions, internal investigations, and ethics act violations. Subscribe and become part of the dialogue!

White Collar Crime

By Laurel Brandstetter, Esq. One of our primary roles as criminal defense counsel is to assess risk. Among other things, we rely on our understanding of the law, our knowledge of prosecuting and investigating agencies, relationships with those offices, our experience representing similarly-situated individuals or corporations, and our familiarity w…Read More

By Laurel Brandstetter, Esq. In honor of Thanksgiving this week, I want to give thanks to the white collar bar and to all of the criminal defense practitioners who have supported and encouraged me throughout my transition to private practice.  The white collar criminal defense bar, both nationally and regionally, is relatively small. So much of ou…Read More

By Laurel Brandstetter, Esq. Many of us in white collar practice find ourselves involved in internal investigations – either because we conduct them as part of our practice; we represent corporate clients and assist them by selecting independent counsel; we represent individuals during an ongoing internal investigation; or we represent individual…Read More

By Laurel Brandstetter, Esq. and Zachary J. Mastren, Esq. Discussions of corporate ethics violations and criminal investigations invariably bring to mind companies like Enron, Tyco, AIG, and Arthur Andersen.  Corporations that engage in criminal or unethical behavior face crippling fines and other court-imposed sanctions that translate to losses f…Read More

By: Laurel Brandstetter, Esq. Just in time for Monday Night Football, this week’s post brings tales of beer, bribes and illicit text messages. On Friday, a North Carolina Superior Court Judge was found guilty of three corruption charges for bribing an officer working with the FBI. The caper started last Fall when, suspecting his new wife was havi…Read More

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