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Environmental, Health & Safety

Environmental laws are changing every day all around the world, including Chicago. Because of this, a seasoned environmental lawyer in Chicago is your best bet to understand and navigate through all of the highly complex webs of state and federal environmental, safety and health regulations.

With proper guidance, you too will be able to understand environmental law more than you have in the past. We provide our clients with the knowledge and guidance needed in all aspects of the state environmental and federal, health and safety regulations and requirement laws. What do we do? From managing risks and avoiding costly litigation to achieving compliance and performing voluntary audits, we manage to provide our clients with the most trusted and premier environmental legal issues available in the Chicago area.

Our environmental attorneys are able to guide all clients through the various webs and steps needed in order to comply with new and existing enacted legislation. It’s always changing and you can trust leaving the changes up to us to be enforced. We are particularly skilled in defending clients against many enforcement actions and litigation brought on by regulatory agencies.

Environmental Law

More often than not, a client will come to Leech Tishman is Chicago and rely on us for compliance and counsel concerning water usage, air emissions and discharge, real estate ownership and acquisition, waste disposal in the context of manufacturing, soil impacts and construction.

With our extensive background dealing with environmental law, you can rest assured you’ll be provided with a lawyer who has had substantial experience advising clients on appropriate due diligence requirements and also evaluating environmental liabilities which may arise during acquisitions, supply contracts, real estate transactions and purchase agreements. Not only do we negotiate terms on behalf of our environmental law clients, but we also advocate on the behalf of our clients as both defendants and plaintiffs in CERCLA cost recovery actions.

State and Federal Environmental Laws and Regulations

Our environmental lawyers provide each and every client with exceptional guidance throughout voluntary safety and environmental audits. Rest assured our team of expert environmental law attorneys will work with you on compliance in federal and state health, environmental and safety laws and regulations.

Health and Safety

With respect to occupational safety and health issues, our team provides strategic and comprehensive counsel to companies. Not only do we help clients implement and defend their safety programs, but we even develop them. With our lawyers who routinely help manage inspections, they also provide counsel on many post-incident enforcement and communication matters.

With many great and successful years of experience behind us, we can proudly and confidently say that we’ve brought attention to and addressed many actions, including the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (“PHMSA”), the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”).

With our environmental lawyer team’s substantial experience, know you can trust us with your health and safety, counseling and compliance and environmental issues. Contact us in the heart of Chicago today to get started.