Leech Tishman’s Intellectual Property attorneys are dedicated to the protection and monetization of your intellectual property.

Where Innovation Finds ProtectionSM

Many of our registered patent attorneys have advanced degrees enabling them to truly understand the complex technical details of your idea. Several bring engineering expertise, others molecular biology, manufacturing, or business experience to your trademark, computer science, copyright, patent prosecution, trade secret, and litigation matters, both domestic and international.

Our clients range from individual inventors, authors and owners of creative works to entrepreneurial enterprises, government entities, universities, mid-sized corporations and Global Fortune 500 companies with operations throughout North and Central America, Europe, South Asia, the Far East and Australia. We have serviced a vast array of industries and are committed to providing you with strategic counseling and personal attention throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. 

We are proud of our longstanding relationships with local innovation communities and enjoy working with entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to protect their ideas and good names.

New Intellectual Property Practice in Pennsylvania

Creating Wealth for Our Clients

As intellectual property law attorneys, we can accomplish what most attorneys cannot; we can help create wealth for our clients. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are assets that can be worth many times their costs. By using our skills and experience to protect innovation, we help optimize returns for our clients.

Our intellectual property attorneys stay current with the changes in the law regarding patents, trademarks, and copyrights internationally and use various systems including the Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention Treaty, and the European Community Trademark System.

Leech Tishman’s international service reaches individuals and corporations in foreign countries seeking protection of their intellectual property in the United States. Several of our clients are based in Asia, as we can communicate fluently both in Mandarin and Cantonese. 

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