Leech Tishman’s Aviation & Aerospace Group is skilled in assisting clients with a wide range of aviation and airport development matters.

In Brief

Leech Tishman’s attorneys regularly guide clients through the highly-regulated world of aviation and aerospace. With backgrounds that include experience serving as legal counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and as a panel attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), members of our group are well-versed in advising clients on all aspects of aviation, aerospace and airport law.


Drawing on their experience as counsel with the FAA and other governmental agencies, our attorneys can assist clients in all aspects of administrative law, corporate and tax law, transactional law, and environmental and land use law relevant to airports.

Our lawyers have experience with:

  • Administrative actions relating to the Federal Aviation Regulations, including Part 13 and 16 actions
  • Bidding and procurement, including construction and professional services
  • Rates and charges
  • Obstruction analysis and avigation easements
  • Exclusive rights at airports
  • Creation and maintenance of minimum standards
  • Compliance with airport security regulations and certifications
  • Assistance with Airport Improvement Program (“AIP”) grants and financing
  • Compliance with grant assurances
  • Part 150 Noise program
  • Compliance with international treaties and ICAO standards
  • Environmental and land use compliance
  • Privatization of airports
  • Closure of airports

Defense of FAA Enforcement Actions

Based on their experience serving on the other side of the table, our attorneys understand what is necessary to obtain the best result for our clients when the FAA comes knocking on their door.

We have defended clients in:

  • Enforcement actions against pilots
  • Hazardous materials enforcement actions
  • FAA enforcement actions with respect to flight operations, training, quality control, records, drug testing, and maintenance violations of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Litigation of Critical Aviation Issues and Policies

Our attorneys are on the cutting edge of litigation regarding U.S. aviation issues and policies.

Our attorneys have litigated against the FAA regarding:

  • Obstruction determinations
  • Wildlife hazards and Wildlife Management Programs
  • Closing of Contract Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Noise issues surrounding airports and underneath flight paths
  • Air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft

Aircraft Transactions

  • Aircraft purchases and sale
  • Fractional aircraft ownership
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Aircraft ownership structure
  • Shared aircraft ownership
  • Aircraft financing
  • Aircraft charter, management & services agreements

Drone Law

Our lawyers have experience with:

  • Filing for commercial exemptions under Section 333
  • Filing for registration under new Part 107 and Part 101Regulatory issues involving drone use
  • Analyzing issues of state and federal law
  • Privacy concerns


The clients we serve include:

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • FBOs
  • Municipalities
  • Pilots
  • Community groups