Employment Law Update 2020

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On November 13, 2019, Leech Tishman Employment Counsel Robert A. Orozco discussed new employment laws going into effect in 2020, as well as recent legislative changes from 2019 that will affect policies and procedures in the future.

The forum provides employers, managers and human resource professionals an overview of employment laws and policies that need to be planned for in 2020. Topics include considerations for employee handbooks, minimum wage and employee pay compliance, and workplace rights and EEOC regulations.

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October 15 – The Growing Risks of Misclassifying Independent Contractors

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On October 15, 2019, Leech Tishman Employment Partner, Eric Wu and Employment Counsel, Fadi K. Rasheed discussed California’s complicated laws concerning independent contractors. Leech Tishman Intellectual Property Partner W. Thomas Babbitt also discussed considerations for intellectual property rights with independent contractors.

The forum discussed the risks of misclassifying employees, including wage and hour liability and other legal considerations. The speakers also addressed how misclassification can affect businesses while providing guidance on how employers can correctly classify workers as independent contractors.

In addition, the forum also included discussion on the changes in the law in the wake of the “Dynamex decision,” the “ABC” Test, and California AB 5, which recently passed through the California State Senate and includes exemptions for workers from certain industries.

June 13 – Keep Your Company Off the Front Page

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It’s a simple fact: Controversies today are tried in the Court of Public Opinion more often than in the Court of Law.

The June 13, 2019 forum was held in the Leech Tishman Pittsburgh office. Co-hosted with Hennes Communications, Leech Tishman Partners Philp A. Toomey and Sally Griffith Cimini, along with Bruce Hennes, CEO of Hennes Communications, discussed crisis management and the “court of public opinion.”

From cyber attacks, accidents, embezzlements, product failures and discrimination complaints to sexual misconduct, accusations of fiscal mismanagement, food-borne illness and OSHA citations, a sudden crisis can threaten your organization and put your business at risk.  In this seminar, our speakers discussed practical steps to prepare for and mitigate risk. Our speakers also presented case studies about how two organizations successfully managed their crises and what they did to overcome the challenges they faced. Since it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a few seconds to destroy one, “crisis management” is a necessary skill set for CEOs, executive directors, attorneys and business leaders from every market sector.

April 24 – Navigating the Business of Legal Cannabis

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The April 24, 2019 forum was held in the Leech Tishman Pasadena office. Partner Christopher Gonzalez provided insight into the complex business and legal issues underlying cannabis operations. Companies operating in the cannabis industry must address changing regulations, varying state laws, considerations for federal law, insurance coverage and risk management, investment and governance concerns, applications for grower and processor & dispensary licenses, and more. Start-ups and entrepreneurs also face additional legal challenges as they try to grow in this emerging marketplace.

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