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  1. West Virginia Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act

    By: Shana M. Smith, Esq. and Catherine C. Sakla, Esq. On March 5, 2018, the West Virginia legislature passed the Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act (“the Act”) to promote oil and gas development and production while also protecting the rights of mineral owners (WV Code Chapter 37B Mineral Development). The Act, which comes in…Read More

  2. California Increases General Contractor Wage and Benefit Exposure

    By: William F. Bresee, Esq. and Philip A. Toomey, Esq. Effective with respect to development and construction contracts entered into on January 1, 2018 or after, California has implemented new legislation aimed at subjecting construction contractors to potential liability for wage claims of employees of subcontractors and all down-tier subcontract…Read More

  3. A Primer on The Displaced Janitors Opportunity Act and the Property Service Workers Protection Act: Two Acts Protecting California-Based Janitorial Workers

    By: Philip A. Toomey, Esq. California-based janitorial workers are entitled to certain rights under California law. Specifically, there are two important Acts designed to protect the rights of these workers: The Displaced Janitors Opportunity Act (“DJOA”) and the Property Service Workers Protection Act (“PSWPA”). PSWPA was modified in 2017 …Read More

  4. USCIS Now Accepting Applications for International Entrepreneur Parole

    By: Sharon Barney, Esq. On December 14, 2017, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) announced that it would begin accepting applications under the International Entrepreneur Rule (“IER”). Under IER, immigrant entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria may be eligible for parole, which provides a temporary basis to remain or ente…Read More

  5. House Republicans Release Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    By: David J. DelFiandra, Esq. On November 2, 2017, House Republicans released the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Although still subject to modification by the Senate, the key points of the House Republican bill include the following: Federal Estate and Gift Taxes Increases credit for Federal Estate Tax – In 2018, a married couple can shield $22.4 milli…Read More

  6. IRS Announces 2018 Estate and Gift Tax Exemption Amount

    By: Stefanie L. Pate, Esq. The Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) recently announced the 2018 estate and gift tax exemption amount. For 2018, an individual can transfer up to $5.6 million ($11.2 million per couple) without incurring federal estate or gift tax. Additionally, the IRS announced that the 2018 annual gift tax exclusion amount will…Read More

  7. California Sanctions An Insurer’s Denial of Coverage for “Completed Operations”

    By: William F. Bresee, Esq. On August 30, 2017, the California Court of Appeals (Fourth District) concluded that language of an insurance carrier's additional insured endorsements on the underlying insurance policies created ambiguities on the potential for coverage in construction defect lawsuits, thus requiring it to provide the additional insur…Read More

  8. Trump Administration Announces Rescission of DACA Program

    By: Sharon Barney, Esq. On September 5, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) would begin steps to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (“DACA”). DACA was a form of prosecutorial discretion that was created via executive action by President Obama in 2012 to p…Read More

  9. Employee Wellness Programs: EEOC Must Review its Rules on Incentives

    By: Lisa M. Schonbeck, Esq. On August 22, 2017, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia sided with AARP in its Administrative Procedure Act challenge to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (“EEOC”) rules allowing employers to provide incentives to employees who participate in employer-sponsored wellness programs. A…Read More