When dealing with a change in family dynamics, it is a very difficult time in your life. Our family lawyers are ready to stand by your side every step of the way. Whether you’re filing for a divorce or trying to handle a child custody case, our family attorneys are standing by waiting for your call. The family lawyers at our law firm deal with families with an understanding of the sensitive nature you’re experiencing. We not only offer clients a highly personalized experience, but we protect the interest of both the client and their family.

What We Handle

Family law issues can become complicated and complex legal matters which can involve high net-worth individuals. When seeking our amicable resolutions, we provide our clients with the support and guidance to help plan their future and reach their objective and personal life goals while assisting them with the needs of today’s modern

Focused Family Lawyers

Our practice here in State College has focused its intentions on you and your family’s needs. With our family lawyer’s experience in advocating in child custody cases and divorce cases, you can rest assured that our counsel will guide you through your hardship correctly. Whether you’re obtaining and/or maintaining guardianship or undergoing an adoption process, it can be difficult to manage personal affairs and financial disputes. This is when our attorneys really shine to help you resolve all of your family law issues. Lean on our professionals in State College today, and contact the most trusted family lawyers in the area at Leech Tishman.