Immigration is one of the most complicated forms of law in this country. With rulings differing wildly on a case-by-case basis and your entire livelihood on the line, you certainly don’t want to approach anything involving immigration legality without first consulting the best immigration lawyer you can find.

The Best Reasons to Contact an Immigration Lawyer

If you’re stressed out about something in the labyrinth that is the United States immigration law, then you should probably contact an immigration lawyer right away. It can’t be understated enough: Very few things are certain in immigration law and there is plenty of room for things to become quickly stacked against your case. That said, here are the best reasons to contact an immigration lawyer:

You’re Applying for an Immigration Benefit

Whether you’re looking to extend a work visa, open a new one, get a green card, request asylum, or begin the citizenship process, there is plenty of room for costly and frustrating errors, especially without the assistance of a skilled immigration law firm on your side. Each situation is unique, but operates under the same federal law, so you simply need to find the best immigration lawyer to translate and apply the federal laws and mandates to your individual case. This sounds simple, but the law is complicated and confusing, to say the least.

You’re a United States Citizen Dealing with Immigration Issues

As complicated as the United States immigration laws are, that’s nothing compared to the incredibly frustrating ways they can interact with the steadily changing sets of immigration and emigration laws in other countries. If you’re a US citizen that is heading overseas for anything longer than a vacation, especially if you aren’t being thoroughly taken care of by your employer, then you almost certainly need an immigration lawyer. When you begin the visa or citizenship process in another country, things can get complicated very quickly. All too often we meet frustrated citizens that have successfully filled out a giant mound of paperwork for their travels and don’t understand where they could have possibly gone wrong – only to discover they filled out the wrong mound of paperwork; and this isn’t even the worst of it!

You’re Actively Battling Deportation or Immigration Refusal

No matter which stage your dispute with the USCIS is at, there is no instance more pressing than this to seek legal counsel immediately. Unfortunately, the deck is traditionally stacked against those dealing with an immigration court, even with legal counsel, but the longer you spend failing to execute the most effective litigation strategies, the more likely your case is to end in a disappointing result – even if you aren’t expecting any difficulties. Many immigration courts are overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases and issues they have to deal with on a daily basis, which makes for an incredibly unsettling number of mistaken deportations and other rushed verdicts – each of which has the potential to rip apart a family or see you leaving the courtroom stunned at a totally unforeseeable outcome. While we can still help at this point, it is much better to have sought out the help of the best possible immigration lawyer before you ever set foot in immigration court.

You’re Dealing With Any or All of These Issues for a Family Member

While working through the immigration courts yourself can be frustrating, nothing makes you feel as powerless as when you simply can’t help a family member with their issues. We hear issues about this all the time, and they often look something like this: You have worked through immigration, have established residency, and are now looking to extend the same benefit to a family member and, for whatever reason, they are facing difficulties it seemed were never present during your dealings with the immigration court. Unfortunately, not all cases are tried and treated equally, which is why it is important to have the best immigration lawyer in your corner. Even if you’ve had success with a certain aspect of immigration law in the past, you cannot know for certain that the other members of your family will be dealing with the same court or operating under an unchanged subset of immigration law.

Don’t Go It Alone

Above all, the best reason to contact an immigration law firm is to get represented by someone that knows the ins and outs of immigration law and can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Most courts see someone dealing with their immigration issues with legal counsel as someone to be taken more seriously than a person who chooses to forgo that counsel, and even that excludes the tremendous benefit that an immigration lawyer brings to your case.

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