As the owner of a fledgling small business or startup, you have plenty of costs to keep in mind. Monitoring and working with limited budget should be a high priority for you, but there are certain costs that should be non-negotiable – including the services of an intellectual property attorney.

Protect Your Unique Idea, Protect Your Profits

Anything worth creating a business over is worth protecting. There is no better way to protect your unique idea than a patent that secures that idea as unique to your business. The best way to get the right patents you need for your business without leaving an opportunity for getting ripped off by a competitor is to work with an intellectual property attorney for your patents and get them done right the first time.

Don’t Get Eaten

There are few things that can threaten your small business as quickly and easily as a larger company ripping off your idea and dragging you through a legal battle that you only may stand a chance at winning. While nothing is a guarantee in intellectual property law, you stand an infinitely better chance at taking on a business of any size in a defensive or offensive litigation over intellectual property. Without a patent, your business is at risk of getting “eaten” by the deep pockets and nearly unlimited legal resources available to a larger company that will only benefit by starving you out and draining your savings in the form of legal fees; you lose all lawsuits you can’t afford to fight, after all, so protect yourself and your business from the need to fight through those litigations in the first place.

So Why Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney?

You don’t technically need an intellectual property attorney to successfully file a patent, but that doesn’t make attempting to go it alone a wise decision. Patent law is complicated, to say the least, and requires a steady hand to complete correctly and thoroughly. The latter part of this equation is, in many cases, vital to the future success of your business. For instance, if you don’t apply for supplementary patents that cover minor alterations of your product or idea, then you could find your small brand competing against a well-funded competitor that was able to patent their own version of your product. Remember, even if you don’t hire an intellectual property attorney, your competition may do so; your competition’s patent attorneys will look for, and likely exploit, any vulnerabilities in your initial patent.

Patents Mean Profits

A well-formed patent gives you a chance to safely build your brand. Your patent gives you a monopoly on your particular idea, which makes it infinitely easier to grow your customer base without a competitive market formed by your own idea. If you have an idea for what makes your business’ offering a must-have product or service, then it is absolutely crucial that you seek the legal protection of your idea to secure your present and future profits. Above all, your patent is the best path you have to generating a profit from your business and building a brand that will leave the type of legacy that should follow a truly great idea.

Find Your Patent Potential

Most great ideas don’t come with just one patent. In fact, one of the biggest downfalls of many small business owners is to not recognize and seize the potential of the ideas that brought about or support their one big idea. Often, people approach the intellectual property attorneys at Leech Tishman for a single patent, but walk away with the ownership and protection of numerous supplementary patents on things they didn’t know they could even own the rights to. This type of multi-layered protection is one of the clearest reasons to partner with an experienced intellectual property lawyer, as they will be much more able and likely to find any additional opportunities for securing intellectual properties than you would find attempting to file your own patent.

Mistakes Can Cost You

At the end of the day, filing your own patents can leave you with problems down the road. The possibilities for frustrating setbacks and potential legal loopholes that can be exploited down the road are surprisingly plentiful. For instance, filing your patent even slightly incorrectly can result in one or more rejections of your submission from the USPTO, which only pushes out your production and implementation timeline or puts your ideas at risk for getting snatched up by a competitor. Likewise, an accepted patent may not protect your intellectual property as well as you believe; a skilled patent attorney can find the holes in your application before it becomes a patent and can be exploited by competitors. These are only a couple of the possibilities for where and how your patent application can go wrong, but any mistake can cost you.

Contact Our Intellectual Property Attorneys

Get in touch with the team at Leech Tishman for assistance with your future intellectual property and patent submissions. By partnering with our nationwide network of experienced patent lawyers, you get all the benefits of a robust legal team with the personalized service of caring, dedicated attorneys. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to securing your intellectual property, leaving you free to focus on growing your business and creating a lasting legacy with a secure legal foundation.

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