Intellectual property is a valued piece of protection you must own if you would like to protect your idea or authorship, and our intellectual property lawyers can help! Here in San Diego, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ideas created and authorship completed each year. Without the protection of intellectual property laws, your idea or book may be stolen by someone else. It’s time to take a stand and protect your property for what it’s worth, and Leech Tishman here in San Diego is the law firm for you.

What is an intellectual property lawyer?

An intellectual property lawyer is a strong asset to have by your side. Our IP lawyers are well-versed, experienced and dedicated to you as our client, giving you the protection you need always. Whether you have an asset that needs a trademark, copyright, service mark or patent, our intellectual property attorneys can assist you. Every United States citizen has the right to be protected by the law, and if you have an asset that needs protection, it’s time to reach out to Leech Tishman in San Diego for assistance.

Do you need an intellectual property lawyer?

Do you need one? Understandably, it can be difficult to come to that conclusion on your own which is why we’ll try to keep it short and sweet: If you want to protect and defend an asset such as an idea or obtain authorship, an intellectual property lawyer is recommended. Because we have attorneys who specialize in IP law, we are not only equipped to handle cases that deal with IP law, but we can easily and successfully help you achieve a copyright, trademark, patent or service mark.