Make Your Vision a Reality

Leech Tishman LaunchPad supports entrepreneurs to help transform their vision into a reality. We provide the legal services necessary for creating an infrastructure that assists start-ups in successfully launching from ideas to profitable enterprises.

For more information about whether LaunchPad is the right choice for your start-up’s legal services, schedule a call with a member of our team.

What You Need

You want to transform your vision into a reality and lay the groundwork to grow big. You want to protect the company you are developing and define the legal and economic relationship between the founders of your business. You want to be prepared to launch your business today and know that you are equipped for whatever lies ahead. You want to think about long term profitability, growth and succession. You want to work with legal experts, so that you can focus on what you do best. You need to know how much it is going to cost you and what exactly you are going to get.

What We Provide

Leech Tishman LaunchPad is a team dedicated to providing legal services to startups in a way that accommodates their unique needs and timeframes. The Leech Tishman LaunchPad team offers a “Launch Package” that includes the legal services that start-ups need to build an infrastructure that is customized to their goals. In particular, we provide:

  • Easy access to an experienced legal professional who will evaluate your unique needs and goals to develop a personalized plan for your company
  • Flexible, responsive service
  • Affordable plans with transparent pricing
  • A curated menu of legal products
  • A proactive approach to long-term planning
  • A full-service law firm capable of supporting the company’s needs through its lifespan
Why Us?

An investment in legal services is an investment in the viability and long term growth-potential of your company. Our experienced team of attorneys can help you to make strategic choices that will protect your company and position it to grow. Leech Tishman is a full-service law firm with experience in corporate law, intellectual property, employment, immigration, real estate, litigation, taxation and estates & trusts. The depth of experience at Leech Tishman LaunchPad makes us effective planning partners with start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our team is able to approach complex matters with the insight, common sense and experience necessary to anticipate, identify and resolve legal issues, manage risk, and provide guidance to our clients at any stage in their start-up venture. We look forward to building a relationship with you.