What It Is- An Overview

Important commercial transactions that lay a foundation for future success share a common characteristic: They have benefitted from advance preparation, scrupulous review, and organizational efficiency. With the help of Leech Tishman’s Legal Audit Program, an organization can transition from reacting to problems or business opportunities as they occur to anticipating and managing both risk and opportunity.

Today’s lean company structures often do not include in-house counsel to help with organizational issues and operations. To fill this gap, Leech Tishman offers legal audits and outside general counsel services to support senior management and improve a company’s value proposition in the eyes of investors, buyers, and customers.

What It Means to You- The Benefits and the ROI

Leech Tishman conducts a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis for your business based on information you share. We review foundational documents (such as corporate governance and bylaws) for accuracy, timeliness, and completeness. We analyze customer contracts to ensure your business has appropriate protections.  The benefits: A company that is well-positioned for future transactions; advice for avoiding or limiting damage from lawsuits; and reassurance that your governance and organizational frameworks are appropriate for your company.

What You Get- The Finished Product

Clients will receive a binder in written and electronic form. The binder contains findings, analysis, recommendations (including those pertaining to new laws that may affect your business), and an oral presentation during which you can ask questions and preview possible “next steps.”


Discussion of current business needs and goals; review of organizational structure, growth opportunities and governance documents.


Legal Risk Assessment: Get a lawyer’s detailed perspective on strengths and pitfalls of your company’s current organizational structure.

Governance Functions: Drill down into the issues that can be averted by improving language in governance-related documents (such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, meeting minutes, written consents, and stock/entity certificates).

Contract Review: Learn how you can have forms developed to save time and money when used consistently; these include contracts, releases, applications, purchase orders, terms and conditions, and other commercial documents.

Company Policy Analysis: Receive insights on existing organization policies that may benefit from revisions aimed at enhancing company performance and compliance, and promoting a positive firm culture.