What It Is – An Overview

When a company is seeking to undertake targeted growth, capital to expand business or an exit strategy. Leech Tishman’s Legal Audit Program involves a review of your company’s finance profile to help identify ways to improve how your company is viewed by outside partners or investors. Whether you plan an equity raise, a joint venture project, or a significant company expansion, our review ensures you have all the pieces and players ready for your next move on the business “chessboard.” For companies not preparing to be acquired, our financial legal audit serves as a “checkup” that helps ensure your company is ready for whatever the future brings.

What It Means to You – The Benefits and the ROI

Based on information you share, Leech Tishman conducts a thorough review of the legal and financial position of your business in the role of a “critical friend.” We analyze areas of strengths and weakness relative to your goals, which can range from a simple status check to preparation for a sale. In addition to financials, customer contracts, and backlog, we review foundational documents (such as corporate governance, bylaws, and insurance policies) that can affect your company’s risk profile or valuation. The benefits: A company prepared to put itself in the best light for future transactions and proactive legal counsel aimed at avoiding litigation and other problems that can reduce the value of your company.

What You Get- The Finished Product

Clients will receive a binder in written and electronic form. The binder contains findings, analysis, recommendations (including those pertaining to new laws that may affect your business), and an oral presentation during which you can ask questions and preview possible “next steps.”


Discussion of current financial needs and goals; and a basic review of your company’s existing financial and finance-related legal structures.


Financials: Get a top-to-bottom review of your company’s operations and financials as a routine maintenance measure or prior to decisions related to expansions, mergers, acquisitions, or a sale.

Capital: Receive assistance with investment opportunities tailored to your business line.

Counseling: Obtain customized advice on the best ways to structure and present your company in preparation for new financing initiatives and transactions.

Regulatory: Learn about regulatory and statutory developments that may affect your specific plans.

Succession Planning: Ensure your company is on the path you prefer as you transition to other endeavors.

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