Running a business is no simple task; you have to learn how to be a leader, plan your finances, and hire employees who will contribute to the vision and growth of your company. One aspect that many business owners neglect is the legal side of their company. They spend a lot of time planning out how their business will operate, how it will attain goods and provide services, and where it will find enough funding to make it all happen. But at the end of the day, they don’t take into consideration the government regulations that could restrict their company’s operations, the possibility of lawsuits over a service they offer, or the legal ramifications of their company’s ownership.

At Leech Tishman, we believe these are all important aspects to forming a sound and secure business model that will last for years to come. And when it comes time to hire a business attorney, there’s no better time than the present; whether you’re in the process of funding a startup, or you run a large multinational company, we’re here to help.

Our Approach

Leech Tishman’s model is simple: Your success is our success—as a client of our firm, we’re committed to understanding your goals, then applying our knowledge and expertise to make sure those goals are met. We provide the same level of service as an in-house corporate counsel with the capacity and efficiency of a full-service law firm. We won’t cut corners when it comes to getting you the legal services you need, and we’ll work around your busy schedule to help your business succeed.

Corporate Law

One of the first things you should do as a new business owner determines who will be the owner of your company. This may sound like a simple process, but have you considered all your options for incorporation? Not only does incorporation change the flow of assets within your company, it determines the liability of all your company’s actions. Our corporate practice group will help you understand the importance of this step and walk you through the possible repercussions for whichever entity you choose.

Generally, whether you choose a limited liability corporation (LLC), corporation, limited liability partnership (LLP), sole proprietorship, or any other type of business entity will depend on where you want business debts to lie. This means you’ll be able to protect your personal assets from debts accrued through your business. Speaking with one of our corporate attorneys will help you decide which business entity is right for you and establish a legal foundation for your company’s future.

Our corporate practice group won’t just help new companies, however. We have served both domestic and international companies, from investor groups and Fortune Global 500 companies, to small and medium-sized businesses. We provide services that range throughout the entire lifecycle of a business—from establishment to succession planning, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and everything in between. Contact us today to learn about all the corporate law services that we offer.

Leech Tishman’s Employment attorneys represent both private and public sector employers in employment based litigation. Our practice group will align with your company’s business objectives, while at the same time, complying with statutory and common law requirements. When you need efficient and cost-effective services for employment issues, Leech Tishman is your solution.

In addition to helping your company align with laws and regulations, our employment practice group will provide world-class counseling on employment relationship like workplace harassment, performance management, terminations, and enforcing statutory compliance. We will take every step necessary to avoid litigation in order to save you valuable time and money.

If it comes to litigation, you can be sure that we’ll be there to get you through the process. Our attorneys have experience with litigation before the federal and state courts, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and City of Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations. If you’d like to view a full list of our employment services, visit our Employment page.

Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights
Leech Tishman’s Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights Practice Group has been recognized regionally and nationally as leading professionals in the business. Our team of experts performs a full range of proceedings from state court receiverships to liquidations and beyond, in addition to workouts and restructurings.

If you’re in debt, sometimes the only option is to file for bankruptcy. And when that time comes, you need an attorney who has enough experience to settle your debts quickly and efficiently. At Leech Tishman, our Bankruptcy lawyers have a combined 50 years of experience and will provide you with advice that will get your finances back on track and stabilized so you can start planning for your future instead of worrying about the past.

Consumer Services – As some of the most experienced attorneys in Los Angeles, our Bankruptcy Practice Group is dedicated to serving and representing debtors filing personal bankruptcies. We understand that most people feel alone and worried for their future during this process, so our top priority is to lay out a plan for the bankruptcy process and reassure you that your finances will be back on track.

On the other hand, Leech Tishman provides representation of creditors; we have significant experience filing Proofs of Claim, Motions for Relief from Stay, and prosecution and/or defending Adversary Proceedings.

Commercial Services – When it comes to commercial bankruptcy cases, Leech Tishman is equally adept at representing both debtors and creditors. We support debtors, creditors’ committees, secured creditors, trade creditors, landlords, and bankruptcy trustees through every step of the process from planning to proceeding and litigation.

Immigration attorneys are not only an important factor in helping people become a citizen of the United States, but also play an integral role in preventing deportation, giving legal advice on work visas, counseling for family-based sponsorship and much more. Most people don’t know all their options when it comes to obtaining citizenship, green cards, or visas, so it’s our goal to help you understand every facet of the legal system and provide you with solutions for you and your family, and address any legal issues before they hinder your progress. Our Immigration attorneys have experience in the following areas:

  • Family-based sponsorship
  • Employment-based sponsorship
  • Naturalization applications
  • Obtaining permanent residency
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Visas for students
  • Visitor visas
  • Training and education visas
  • Status application adjustment
  • Specialty visas
  • Labor certification
  • Labor condition applications
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Government immigration audits
  • International intracompany transfers

If you’re frustrated with the process and haven’t received help from the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); you’re afraid an event in your legal background may prevent you from obtaining citizenship; or you’re just getting started with the process of obtaining citizenship and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help. Here are some reasons you should contact an Immigration attorney at Leech Tishman today:

You’re lost – Navigating the immigration system alone is no simple task. Many individuals will spend years attempting to earn their citizenship with no luck. An attorney will send you down the right path for your situation and eliminate the stress and frustration that comes with understanding the process from the outside.

Your applications have been denied – Our attorneys will be able to get to the root of your issue, determine why applications are being denied, and what steps you should take to prevent this.

You’re convicted of a crime – Gaining citizenship is difficult enough as it is; with a conviction looming over your shoulder, it can only get harder. Contact an attorney to learn what course of action you should take.

If you’re experiencing any other complications with the immigration system, contact Leech Tishman today. We’ll provide you with a consultation that will help you understand immigration laws and set you on course for success.

Intellectual Property
Leech Tishman’s Intellectual Property (IP) attorneys have the capacity to provide you with full-service intellectual property rights assistance and are able to work with a wide range of technologies and industries. An IP attorney will help you protect information covered by patents, copyright, and trademarks, as well as any services pertaining to trade secrets, technology agreements, IP litigation, and general IP counseling.

Our IP attorneys have prior experience working in fields such as engineering, science, and as research associates, in addition to experience as in-house IP Counselors. If you need an IP attorney in Los Angeles, contact Leech Tishman today.

Patents – We represent a wide range of clients whether they’re just starting the inventive process or have a well-established business. We help with all aspects of patent law like patentability evaluations and post-grant proceedings.

Trademarks – Leech Tishman’s IP Practice Group can assist nearly every business and technology with trademark law in addition to obtaining foreign trademark and service mark registrations throughout the world.

Copyrights – If you need copyright protection, no matter the subject matter, Leech Tishman is here to help. We have experience obtaining copyright protection for computer software, trade materials, books, articles and newsletters, architectural designs, artwork, music and more.

Trade Secrets – Some information and/or technology cannot be protected under patents, trademarks or copyright law. Contact Leech Tishman today for counseling trade secret issues.

Technology Agreements – Our attorneys can assist you with the development of technology agreements such as non-disclosure agreements, patent and trademark license agreements, online privacy policies, website development, hosting agreements and more. Visit our Intellectual Property page to learn more about the technology agreement services we offer.

IP Counseling – Leech Tishman’s IP counseling will help you understand the laws and regulations that could stand in your way when dealing with a technology agreement, trade secret, copyright, trademark, or patent. Contact us today to learn about the full range of counseling services we offer.

Leech Tishman

Commitment – Service – Value

At Leach Tishman, we believe that nobody should have to handle legal matters without a reliable and knowledgeable partner who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. When you trust one of our attorneys, you can expect value and high-quality professional counseling, every time.

We believe in working closely with you and your business while maintaining the quality and efficiency of a true, in-house counsel who knows all your company’s goals.

Leech Tishman’s message is simple: Your success is our success—when you come to an attorney looking for legal advice, you can’t afford to partner with someone who cuts corners and doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Our commitment is to understanding your situation and formulating a plan that will eliminate hassle, provide you with security, and set your company on the right track.

Obtaining the most practical and affordable legal solutions in Los Angeles is as simple as calling an attorney at Leech Tishman. Our experience and dedication to our clients speaks for itself.

Leech Tishman provides its clients with an alternative fee structure and hourly rate solutions that a fit a client’s budget all while providing you with the knowledge and experience of an in-house practitioner. Our attorneys are regularly recognized as industry leaders by legal publications across the country like Martindale-Hubbell, Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers®, Leading Lawyers and other nationally recognized magazines.

Los Angeles Attorneys
Leech Tishman has, and continues to support the communities in which it operates. Our attorneys have been involved in public service and volunteering across a wide variety of community organizations. When it comes to our law services, we approach our work with the same attitude—to serve our community and form long-term, trustworthy relationships with every client we meet. It’s important for us to have this commitment to the community in order for everyone to be able to learn and grow.

Leech Tishman is a proud supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh; we use this, and other fundraising efforts as a way to improve the lives of those in our community and create a bond between our law firm and the public. Contact our Los Angeles office today to learn more about our attorneys and how we can help you.